Five Googley Things You Can Do with Google Drawings

Have you ever used Google Drawings? It is such an underrated tool! Like one of the best tools that you can use with Google!

I use it for things like:

  • newsletters
  • graphic organizers
  • interactive posters/collages
  • mapmaking
  • graphic design

5 Ways I Use Google Drawings…

Staff Newsletter I use drawings like its a cork board in the staff lounge. A creative twist on the regular newsletter.
Copy of Learning Opportunities #14.jpg

Objects that Represent Me 

Google drawings is perfect for getting students to make a collage of things that represent them.  A cool activity that you could do to start the year.

Objects that represent Me.jpg

Interactive Map – Use drawing to create interactive maps. You can annotate the map and add hyperlinks to make it really come to life. Here is an example that I used with 9th graders with the Odyssey. 

Odyssey Assignment.jpg

Making Graphics – For my blog, I used drawings to make my header. I can easily bring in images to the canvas and quickly download them. Best part, they are always in my drive.

Tech Coach Notebook (4).jpg

Graphic Organizers- Sometimes google docs and other apps can get in the way of my thinking. Google drawing makes it easy to quickly create text boxes and other objects and move them with ease. Here is an example I used with a third grade class to frayer a character from the book, The One and Only Ivan. 

One and Only Ivan character Frayer.jpg

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